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Fundación Benéfica Niños de Chuquibamba
(Foundation for the Children of Chuquibamba)

The Fundación Benéfica Niños de Chuquibamba (FBNC) is a small private charity dedicated to improving the health and education of the children who live in the small Andean village of Chuquibamba in Amazonas, Peru. Founded in 1985, it is directed by a committee of women who manage and account for cash donations and gifts in medicine received from individuals in the United States. The FBNC has no "overhead" costs--100% of all donations reach their intended destination, the children of Chuquibamba themselves.   lilboy.gif (15429 bytes) - © Keith MuscuttIn addition to providing medical supplies and clothing, the FBNC has established a small clothing manufacturing co-op for the benefit of indigent mothers and their families. If you believe you would be interested in contributing to this effort, please send email to Thank you.

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