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"Lost Warriors of the Clouds"
A Discovery Channel film about the Chachapoya mummies discovered at the Laguna de los Cóndores and based in part on my book (see Chapter Eight)
Discovery Channel's Lost Warriors of the Clouds, Broadcast schedule
Adventurer's World: Lost Cities of Amazonia, Chachapoyas, Peru
Arts Division, University of California, Santa Cruz
Sacred Places
Sixpac Manco
Publishes "Vira Vira," a detailed precursor to the chapter of Warriors of
the Clouds
which deals with that site
UCSC Currents Article
"New book brings story of Andes cloud warriors to earth"
Vilaya Tours
Share the wonders of the Chachapoyas area in a way that yields maximum benefits to the local population
Tony's QTVR's
View Quick Time Virtual Reality shots of Peru...

Travel Innovations -- Australian and Amazonian Adventures
Australia, New Zealand, South America, bicycling, rafting, trekking, kayaking and other adventures

Peruvian news journal Caretas reports on mummies found near Vira Vira by the author (in Spanish)

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