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Chapter Six:  The New Chachapoya

Our home was the loft of the tallest building in town--the one-and-half-story, one-and-a-half-room municipality.  This we shared--or, rather, competed for--with half a dozen broody hen turkeys.  Pelayo was soon referring to our accommodations as the rascacielos, the skyscraper, of La Morada.  In the room below, the municipal archives of La Morada were stored in a biscuit tin, sharing a small shelf with a bunch of bananas.    Typical home - Vincent R. Lee
Trapiche for crushing sugarcane - © Keith Muscutt The first essential piece of industrial technology to arrive in La Morada was this antiquated horse-driven trapiche (pictured at left) for crushing sugarcane.  The next new piece of modern equipment was, unfortunately, a gasoline-powered chainsaw.  La Morada epitomizes the tension between the compelling economic needs of an impoverished population and the preservation of natural resources.

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