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In 1973, I decided to see the world.  Like many of my contemporaries, I was disillusioned with my own civilization and needed some perspective. 
I wanted to live life for a while

Keithwithout possessions, visit monuments to the genius of other civilizations, and experience the
"alternative realities"
of other cultures.

I have discovered, to my frequent discomfort, why so few few outsiders go there [the Amazonas]--and to my constant delight, why many more should.  In studying the remains of the Chachapoya civilization, I have developed a profound respect for its remarkable accomplishments.  And I have come to appreciate that the descendants of the Chachapoya, although materially impoverished, are among the wealthiest people in the world when honesty, generosity, humor, and compassion are considered riches.  From both the ancient and the modern Chachapoya, I have learned what I set out to discover:  that civilization is community.

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