Skulls - © Keith Muscutt Warriors of the Clouds

Chapter Five:  Exploring the Eastern Montaña

The following day dawned clear but humid.  Anticipating a long day's journey, we broke camp quickly.  We passed Cueva de Osiris without setting up the tripod because the air in the canyon was too full of vapor for telephotography.  A short distance below Osiris, however, the river Yonán joins the Huabayacu, and near their union I excitedly photgraphed La Brillante Luna (Shining Moon), the most impressive complex of cliff tombs I had witnessed since La Petaca.... Brillante Luna has masonry tombs with zigzag friezes, plastered and painted with alternating bands of red and white and accompanied by the now familiar targetlike designs and stick-figure anthropomorphs. 

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